2 years has gone

2 years that’s how long I haven written here.

I changed my job twice during this time. Moved in to my new home. Learnt baking. Started a excercise regime. But I have a lot less time to write and reflect. The result of too much tv and activities. Online shopping also contribute. I started shopping a lot from amazon in 2013. Bought less clothes than in 2012 from cherry koko. Travelled at least twice a year. Life is not too bad. Hoping to get a new addition to my family. But unsuccessful thus far. Well that’s all for now. Ciao


its been a bloody long time

On top of it, its a bloody busy month. I am busy with my housing renovations (finally after a long time), new job scope and greater chanllenges. Never felt so demoralised since a long long time.

Chosen an ID. Hmmmm…so far still ok. But he’s starting to not meet my expectations.

Bought our lights. Its so expensive. Originally budgetted 1k. The bill came up to be 1.5K. This excludes my living room chandelier lights.

The false ceiling was completed by yesterday. ID failed to inform us all the lightings are situated at the entrance. So every time, i need to turn on some lights. I need to walk to the door. OMG. And my kitchen door will become a dwarf door since there is a bloody air con pipe in the position we wanted to originally fixed it. Alternative is to lower the door. I decide to lower the door since i hate bi-fold doors. So far haven found a bi-fold that is sleek enough. So this is one flaw in our floor layout.

My rounded corners in the cabinet was rejected by the carpenter to be made. The ID promised and now cannot do. What is this?

I keep changing my mind about the living room colours. But i’m very certain about my rooms. Its peacock blue and black. Masterbedroom has a tinge of gold. Although, the curtain person say its very ugly combi.Hmmmmm…..Let’s see la. If that’s so i won’t be my own ID next time.

Outstanding is the electricals, curtains and bathroom and kitchen fixtures. ID say expected date of completion is 3 weeks. Yay! This is great. I SO glad to move out. Too bad i can’t leave some people behind too.

falling sick and overspending

1.been sick for the most of the 2 months. block nose, cough. recover few days. back to cough, bad cough to worse cough. Don’t know if its i’m not sleeping enough or is it because of the alcohol. just feel sian esp when i’m going on a short trip over the weekend.

2. Last sunday, my facial therapist told me she quit her job and join another firm. She mentioned to me that during the year, people rarely buy the package (ermz?), so she can’t get much from commission. The package is more popular at year end when its 5 + 3 times free. I was shocked because i’ve just arrived at the decision to buy the normal 5 + 1 time free package that was available during the year.

This got me thinking. Have i been too much of a spendthrift? And spending more than i should. Since the package itself is like S$120 per session. Should my money be put to better use? Its really time to assess and review how to put it to better use.

3. my one and only tiffany gift box got invaded by ants!!! I left it on the dressing table and the last time i touched it was like 2 months ago. And suddenly phew there they were. Digusted, i got no choice but to throw it away. This 2 months are simply perfect huh?

i don’t like

It must be the weather. my tolerance today is LOW.

I super pissed that the network is freaking slow.
I can’t watch TV as and when i want to.
I guard my privacy instensely. So i don’t like people in my bedroom except from mr horse.
I don’t like dirt and grime.
I hate to feel the dust on my feet.
I hate to use a freaking small mat to wipe my feet.
I hate it when people recycle plastic bags. Why pour one plastic bag in another (you dirty the place in the progress).
I hate the noise. And the TV is perpetually on now and its very distracting when i work.
I hate it there’s only one decent table in the house so i can’t work and scrap on the same desk.
I don’t like to share the washing machine. I have to wash once in weekday and one in weekend to accomodate others. And i dislike it especially when i can’t even get to wash once in the weekend.

All in all…i don’t like staying with others. I only like to be by myself. Somehow i’m in a terrible mood today.
I don’t like to be home with my in laws when hubby is still not back yet. 😦

Investing books to consider reading

1) MorningStar- The five rules for successful stock investing by Pat Dorsey

2) MorningStar- The Ultimate Dividend Playbook

3) One up On Wall Street & Beating the Street by Peter Lynch

4) The Intelligent Investor by Graham

5) Technical Analysis Explained by Martin J.Pring

If you can finish understanding the above mention, then you are well on your way………

1 & 2 will build your foundation especially if you know nothing at all……teach you how to analysis financial statements

3 will broaden your horizons with 10 baggers etc, because 1 & 2 are very conservative

4 is kinda like Sun Zi Art of War for investing……but very difficult, not recommended for new investors.

5 is the proper way of technical analysis, probably the best i read…..it’s used as a textbook internationally i believe

Property is hot

Property is always hot. As it can give a significant capital gain. It can make you rich. I wanted to read a recommended book. ermz. not the MM Lee book on the “hard truths (or i think it something like that” but “The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Investment in Singapore”. I wanted to borrow it from the Library because i’m a CHEAPO.

But well this book that was published and distributed in November 2010 is all on loan from the national library. Or its reserved. Singaporeans are a weird lot. I guess i’m part of the weirdo. hmmmm….Let’s see if i remember this book i wanted to read and no i’m not buying it. cheapskate lo.